Leadership in “people-centered preservation” — who seems to get it and who does not

Those of you who read my blog know that I have a strong interest in balancing the practice of the conservation of the built environment and cultural landscapes between what we objectively know (e.g., historic facts; things we can photograph, measure) and meanings (e.g., intangible heritage). All of this relates to making heritage conservation more […]

Call for abstracts: International Conference on Heritage Management Education and Practice

I came across this conference announcement and have posted the text, below, unedited from the conference organizers. International Conference on Heritage Management Education and Practice: Exploring Connections across Disciplines and Stakeholders 29 – 31 July 2017 The discourses and practices on ‘heritage’ are significantly broadened in recent decades, leading towards the holistic understanding of heritage […]

Skills, knowledge, and degrees/majors wanted by historic preservation employers

Developing curricula for historic preservation degree programs (bachelor’s and master’s) can be a frustrating experience because we lack useful data on the job market (e.g., what employers want from graduates) and curriculum standards. In addition, the field has no certifying or accrediting body, so there is no regular discussion on curricular matters in the field. […]

Human Environment Conservation in 2066: An Interview

Last year, I was invited to contribute a short piece to the book edited by Max Page and Marla R. Miller, Bending the Future: Fifty Ideas for the Next Fifty Years of Historic Preservation in the United States (University of Massachusetts Press, 2016). I was asked to write a “provocative” essay the explores what the […]

Call for proposals: Voices of Place: Empower, Engage, Energize (EDRA 48 conference)

Voices of Place: Empower, Engage, Energize Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) 48th Annual Conference Call for Proposals EDRA’s mission is to advance and disseminate behavior, design, and conservation research toward improving understanding of the relationships between people and their environments. In its four decades of existence, its annual conference has always featured the work of […]

Call for papers and posters: Preserving Transcultural Heritage: Your Way or My Way?

I received the text, below, by email from the conference organizers. Preserving Transcultural Heritage: Your Way or My Way? CALL FOR PAPERS AND POSTERS ARTIS | Institute of History of Art ‐ School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon Alameda da Universidade, 1600‐214 Lisbon ‐ Portugal | https://congressartis.wordpress.com Tel.: (+351) 217920000 | […]