How to turn REC ideas into action

While the intellectual exercise of exploring a reboot of environmental compliance can be satisfying in itself, our hope is that what we collect on the REC site can result in actions that are more tangible. While we can prescribe ideas, such as white papers, that could come out of this process, rather than dictate how the information here should be analyzed, assembled, and distributed, we think the process ought to be more democratic and participative.

Below, we invite you to share your ideas for actualizing REC, which should focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • How should the information shared on REC be analyzed and compiled into a cohesive whole that is broadly representative?
  • What format should this compiled information take?
  • What should be done with this information? The obvious possibilities here are to influence policy makers, but think more broadly, especially in terms of influences a broader array of stakeholders.

What are your thoughts?

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