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Do you have a brief essay describing your idea about how to reboot environmental compliance in the United States? If so, submit your idea to us, below, and if we like your submission, we will add it to the REC site for public comment.

We recommend that your essay be short, concise and to the point and written in a way that is as free of jargon as possible and understandable by a broad audience, including people who do not work in cultural resource management, archaeology, or historic preservation. It should focus on big, overarching ideas and (at this stage), not be mired in the details. Your essay should address as many of the following goals for REC as possible:

  • Inclusive both in terms of the tangible and intangible environmental variables and meanings it addresses and the people, communities, and groups whose values are addressed;
  • Common sense in its approach so that the need for laws, rules, and regulations are minimized or eliminated; the approach must therefore not rely on government oversight bodies unless absolutely neccessary.
  • Consultative ā€“ involving open but results-oriented dialogue among participants;
  • Innovative in assessing and documenting the importance of culture and place that moves far beyond the simplistic reliance on only facts, photos, counting, or measuring; such a system must be respectful of the meanings that ordinary citizens hold for their own heritage and culture even if these meanings are in conflict with the values of conventional experts;
  • Implemented in a way that equalizes power between conventional experts and ordinary citizens;
  • Equitable so that consensus is achieved through a process that does not privilege the perspective of conventional experts prior to starting consultation;
  • Simple enough to make it accessible to and usable by ordinary citizens including minimizing or eliminating jargon;
  • Open to use by and for all kinds of citizens;
  • Egalitarian in its treatment of individual people, other life-forms, and communities by honoring diversity and seeking social and environmental justice;
  • Reasonable in terms of time and financial costs imposed on all involved; and
  • Balanced in relation to other needs, values, and priorities.

Your essay must be less than 5,000 characters (including spaces) or about 100 to 800 words and entered into the appropriate field, below. While we require you to provide your name and organizational affiliation (if applicable) in your submission, indicate, below, if you wish this information to be included as part of your essay of if you wish your essay to be posted anonymously.

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