The winning HAT award

At the end of 2016, Thomas King created the “Heritage After Trump” (HAT) award asking people to submit their ideas to reboot environmental compliance.

The winners of the HAT award, who received $1,000, were Emily-Kate Hannapel & C. Scott Vann, graduate students in the MFA program in Interior Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. They submitted “an imaginative thought-experiment via Tweets that results in a N.E.W. creed for Cultural Management.” You can view their full submission here (PDF file).

All submissions were juried by the REC team members, who are:

  • Jaime Bach: PhD candidate cultural anthropologist at the University of Montana, specializing in cultural heritage and perceptions of environmental change in Kiribati.
  • Kurt Dongoske: Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Pueblo of Zuni
  • Judy Scott Feldman: Art historian, head of the National Mall Coalition, working to preserve the National Mall in Washington DC as a living historic and cultural landscape
  • Jim Kent: Head of James Kent Associates, specializing in cultural ecology
  • Thomas King: Independent CRM consultant and author of numerous textbooks on CRM practice
  • Claudia Nissley: Former Wyoming SHPO, former head of the ACHP’s (erstwhile) western office in Denver, consultant, trainer and writer specializing in heritage and consultation.
  • Mike Nixon: Attorney specializing in historic preservation, environmental, and tribal law
  • Kurt Russo: Executive Director, Native American Lands Conservancy
  • Jeremy Wells: Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation, Roger Williams University

Thomas King has prepared a press release (PDF) on the “Heritage After Trump Award,” which describes the overall nature of the contest and the winning entry.