People-centered historic preservation solutions for education, advocacy, design, and policy.

Our Services

We fix historic preservation education and practice by centering people in your organization’s work. Whether your mission focuses on advocacy, education, placemaking, or policy, we can help.

Advocacy / Marketing & Education for Heritage Places

Are you struggling to target more diverse constituents and increase your organization’s relevancy? Want to explore more effective ways to motivate pro-preservation behavior in people? Do you want your preservation / heritage conservation education program to be more effective and more relevant to a wider group of people? We can help.

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Design & Heritage Placemaking

Do you want your design decisions to more meaningfully connect with the public? Want to learn how evidence-based design can make building conservation more relevant? We can maximize your placemaking efforts through design that considers the authenticity of heritage places and the depth and character of people’s emotional attachment to these places.

Equitable Preservation / Conservation Policy

Are you unsure how your governmental organization can better serve a more diverse public? Do you want to know how bias may be present in your preservation laws, rules, and regulations? We’re experts in conducting policy analyses, equity audits/reports, and providing racial policy frameworks to help guide the work of your agency.

About Us

We ask what can old places do for people?

The older built environment provides many important benefits for people. It supports the identity of nondominant groups, sustains quality of life, and catalyzes the potential of place. It is important to understand how people’s lives are embedded in these environments, and this knowledge helps to define and guide the value, potential, and protection of historic places. There is immense and untapped potential in using this local knowledge to create a more inclusive, equitable, and socially just historic preservation/heritage conservation practice that sustains people in place. Lived Heritage Studies LLC was founded on the core principle of understanding the relationship of people to these older places and changing education and professional practice based on this relationship. There is no other consultancy that does the work we do.


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