What I hope my research will accomplish

So I warn my readers that this post will be rather dry, as I try to explain what I would like to accomplish with my research in the Recife area of Brazil. Officially, the title of my project is “Developing a Pragmatic Tool for Historic Environment Practitioners: Exploring Ways in Which Sociocultural and Experiential Meanings […]

First week in Brazil

Tomorrow, August 15, marks a week in Recife. So far, things have been going well, but as with any move to a different country, my family and I have had to adjust to many changes and we realize that this will continue to be an engaging learning experience. First, the very positive things about our […]

Arrived in Recife

After a rather long trip, my wife, two toddlers, and I arrived in Recife yesterday and are now settling into our new apartment. Traveling with 15-month old toddlers can be quite an experience, and I have a renewed respect for parents who travel with young children. Our task was made more difficult by all of […]