A love affair with environmental psychology and the historic environment

I just read an interesting article on the decline in the collaboration of environmental psychologists and architects. In “Architecture’s Brief Love Affair with Psychology Is Overdue a Revival” Carlos Galan-Diaz and Dörte Martens describe how the environmental design and behavior movement that started in the 1970s and peaked in the 1980s now seems to be […]

Facilitating community workshops and community-based participatory research

The community workshop is a core method of my research with the Horto d’El Rey, which is part of the overall methodology of community-based participatory research. This post will cover the nature of meetings, facilitation, and various techniques to engage participants in community workshops. While not easy, facilitating community workshops can be very rewarding especially […]

Becoming brasileiro through pizza

So last night I made what I think was a significant milestone: I successfully ordered a pizza for pickup, in Portuguese, over the telephone. For anyone learning a foreign language, the telephone can be a communication nemesis. When talking to someone in person, you have lots of body language cues in addition to the words […]

The IRB and participatory research

This evening I finally completed my “IRB” (Institutional Review Board) application which specifies how I will be protecting my human “subjects” from potential harm for my proposed research project. Ostensibly, this is a very good process to undergo because, in the past, researchers have abused and manipulated people under the guise of “scientific” research. The […]