Call for papers, videos, and e-exhibitions on participatory methodologies and intangible cultural heritage

I received the text, below, from one of the conference organizers. MEMORIAMEDIA review CALL FOR PAPERS, VIDEOS and e-EXHIBITIONS Deadline 30th September 2018 Theme PARTICIPATORY METHODOLOGIES and INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE MEMORIAMEDIA project (MI/IELT) has a peer reviewed e-journal dedicated to promote, communicate and document projects, studies and archives of INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE (ICH). For this issue, authors are invited to submit unpublished papers, videos or […]

A successful example of a grassroots, justice-oriented built heritage conservation project

A recent preservation effort in England is well worth the time to understand because it relates so strongly to the future of the field. But, it’s who led these efforts that’s remarkable: it wasn’t preservationists/conservationists, but rather skateboarders. And we could learn a lot from their lesson. You’ll understand what I mean once you watch […]